Everything You Need to Know About Six Sigma Certification

When it comes to Six Sigma certification, many candidates find the process and approach frustrating. From the initial application to the main certifying body, Six Sigma certification process remains the most confusing among reputable professional certifications. Here, we're answering most frequently asked questions about Six Sigma certification process.

Do I have to Be Certified to Work As Six Sigma Professional?

Not necessarily. First and foremost, Six Sigma is a methodology and set of tools which users can learn independently. Every Six Sigma level/belt has a guide with knowledge areas and tools expertise it requires, so as long as you know what you need to know according to these guides, you can be part of Six Sigma projects. Experience shows, however, that having a formal credential boosts your chances at employment and promotion opportunities. If your company works with Six Sigma methodology and has ongoing Six Sigma projects, it's best to check with project leaders what the requirements for Six Sigma expertise and/or credentials are in your organization.

Where Can I Obtain Six Sigma Certification?

Unlike most other professional certifications, Six Sigma does not have a centralized certifying body. Most Six Sigma professionals get certified either through their employer or through a network of independent Six Sigma certification providers. These are usually independent organizations, and their details vary depending on the country. It's best to do some local research to find Six Sigma certification providers in your country.

What Are Six Sigma Certification Levels?

Six Sigma Certification levels come in the form of belts: Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Six Sigma White Belt.

How Can I Become Six Sigma Black Belt?

Black Belt Six Sigma certification is achieved by experienced Six Sigma professionals who submit all necessary documentation (documentation provind 2 completed Six Sigma projects, with adffidavits) and pass Black Belt Six Sigma exam. This challenging exam contains 150 multiple-choice questions covering all aspects of Six Sigma project toolkit and Six Sigma methodology, including Six Sigma project roles, various Six Sigma project tools and optimization techniques should a project wander slightly off-track.

How Often Do I Have to Recertify?

This depends on the requirements of your employer and the local Six Sigma culture in your organization.