Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma is a popular methodology for process management and quality control. Although it was originally developed for manufacturing and larger organizations, it is now popular with different sectors, such as healthcare and insurance and is widely implemented by small and medium businesses that are willing to experience sufficient cost reduction and profit growth.

The efficiency of this methodology has led to the growing interest in Lean Six Sigma training. Many candidates find themselves puzzled by the fact that Lean Six Sigma does not have a centralized certifying body. Likewise, there is no central authority for Lean Six Sigma training.

The vast majority of Lean Six Sigma training and certifications are provided by employers. Most of these credentials aren't transferrable between companies – this means that your Lean Six Sigma training and certification will only be recognized by the employer who has issued it. Although there are some independent providers of Lean Six Sigma training and certifications, the best idea would be to stick with Lean Six Sigma training provided by your employer.

More often than not, companies that provide Lean Six Sigma certification have invested a lot in this process and they usually have the most reliable Lean Six Sigma training resources and materials. If you plan to get certified from an independent provider, you should do sufficient research before you commit to any of Lean Six Sigma training courses.

There is a variety of Lean Six Sigma training options available online. This includes both offline and online Lean Six Sigma training courses, Lean Six Sigma training bundles, Lean Six Sigma training booklets and other materials. Yet, not all of them are reliable – not only this is true about Lean Six Sigma training – the same applies to most other professional certifications. Therefore, choosing your Lean Six Sigma training materials wisely is crucial. As Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training experts, we have compiled everything you need to know about Lean Six Sigma training, making it available on this website.

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