Lean Six Sigma Certification and Methodology

Lean Six Sigma Certification combines Six Sigma with Lean Speed methodology. Lean Six Sigma prioritizes collaborative team effort to boost performance by systematically removing what is called 'waste': unnecessary/inefficient actions and other challenges that hamper the process.

By combining the principles of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma, this methodology recognizes 8 types of waste. By removing the waste, Lean Six Sigma professionals help organizations streamline internal processes and get rid of the things that hamper them. This way, organizations achieve better productivity and improved cost-efficiency.

Lean Six Sigma Certification and Training

Just like with Six Sigma, the training for Lean Six Sigma certification is based on the belt system. For Lean Six Sigma certification, the belts are the same in colors, too: black belt, green, yellow and white. There's also a Master Black Belt, which means certified trainer/coach position in the Lean Six Sigma certification hierarchy.

For each of these belt levels skill sets at Lean Six Sigma certification landscape, there's a set of guidelines/blueprints covering core skill set, tools and requirements a certified candidate should be familiar with. To ensure you are ready to take on the challenge of Lean Six Sigma certification, browse this website and take advantage of all available Lean Six Sigma certification resources.

Just like with Six Sigma certification, Lean Six Sigma certification process does not rely on a centralized certification body. These certifications are conducted by both independent providers and employers for their staff.

Lean Six Sigma Certification & Methodology

Although implementing a Lean Six Sigma methodology within an organization usually takes a few years and sufficient investments including time, as well as financial resources, this step is usually worth it. According to proponents of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, implementing this methodology and switching to Lean Six Sigma toolkit helps companies cut their costs by 50%, which makes a huge difference – whether it is a big manufacturing facility or a SMB (small or medium business). Furthermore, introducing Lean Six Sigma certification and methodology within an organization makes a huge difference in terms of overall performance, employee morale and pro-activeness. As your staff members undergo Lean Six Sigma certification, they will have the knowledge and drive to take ownership of the processes within the company, and this will reflect positively on multiple areas of your organization's internal and external processes.